Mach/Lap Season 2 – Coming Soon

Mach/Lap are Australia’s answer to “sorry, who?”. Having started off as an indie-pop duo, Michael Wannenmacher and Fabian Lapham had a massive success with “Fingering You Goodbye” which reached number eight in France (released there as “Je te Pelote, Salut”), but the duo’s inability to write more than one song resulted in an ephemeral music career (and a disappointing “Best of…”).

Turning their backs on music, they realized that their collective talents and life experiences could still amount to something (Mick once saw a zoo and Fabs owns 13 clothes). The two set about to write a series of vignettes about 13 animals who lived in a zoo and wore clothes – unfortunately, Mick had only ever seen a zoo from afar, so the pair remained uncertain as to what kind of animals lived in zoos; eventually they changed it to a story about people who wore clothes in the city, and thus “Mach/Lap TV” was born. It’s like nothing you’ve never seen!

Here’s something they prepared earlier:



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