Lost Doggers coming soon to ABC for Fresh Blood


Touched by an Angle Grinder

Exciting news pals! A bunch of Lost Dog kids are about to make the jump to ABC after being snapped up as part of the national broadcaster’s Fresh Blood comedy initiative.

Those handsome Aunty Donna boys and slightly-less-handsome Touched by an Angle Grinder kids will soon be living the high life over at ABC iview and ABC2 after they were successful in the national comedy call out, from around 500 applicants.

Aunty Donna were previously all over ABC iview with their Aunty Donna’s Rumpus Room series, which you may have seen first here on Lost Dog and on Channel 31.

TBAAG’s series features other Lost Dog superstars like Dan Cowan (Temps, A Word From Our Sponsors, D Cow Comedy) and Mitch McTaggart (Some Ads, Government Films, Neil Angus) and is directed by Dave Jackson (Fever Dreams, Gav’s Garden, Serving up Scrab).

The ABC and Screen Australia have kindly given TBAAG and Donnas a few squids to make a new series of three sketches each. Now TBAAG and Aunty Donna are really busy making comedy for the proper telly and don’t really have time to answer Lost Dog’s calls anymore because they’re flouncing around with their high-faluting new “ABC friends” like Annabel Crabb and Paul Barry and the man with the big beard from Gardening Australia.

See if we care. We don’t even care. Whatever.

So if you can be bothered, why not watch their ABC sketches which will be up on iview from June 1. You can like their Facebook pages for behind the scenes videos and pictures:

Touched by an Angle Grinder
Aunty Donna


Aunty Donna



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