About the Lost Doggers

We at Lost Dog had a simple dream: to seek fresh alternative comedy weirdos.  We would take these mangy strays, and give them a home – on Melbourne’s Channel 31 (digital 44). Then they would become famous beyond their wildest dreams… Or at very least, they would disappoint their families.

Contact us at lostdogtv@gmail.com.

Michael De Robbio

Michael James De Robbio wants to be a star, so he’s handmade the world’s best ever and shortest chat show. Think “Ellen” but subtract some of the lesbian stuff and the professionalism and the audience figures and the episode lengths and the live studio audience and the dancing and the budget and you’re halfway there. Please still do watch the show though. It might be good.

Michael’s shows:
The Broken Ones
TV Man

Touched by an Angle Grinder

The “Ernie and Denise” of Lost Dog, Touched by an Angle Grinder is Greta Harrison and Matthew C. Vaughan. Greta once got paid to watch Steve Vizard eat spaghetti in his shorts. Matthew once phoned Yahoo Serious while dressed as Young Einstein. That’s their comedy credentials sorted.

TBAAG’s shows:
The Peep Jeep
Dick Dribble
Totally Talls

Daniel Cowan

Dan was born with an abnormally silly face and decided to make the most of it. Once his clown business fell through he decided to make videos, these are his stories (cue Law & Order sound).

Daniel’s shows:
A Word from our Sponsors

Dave Jackson

“Dave’s shows feature a lot of vomiting and shouting. I’d describe Serving up Scrab as ‘style over substance’, but there’s not much in the way of style either.” – Dave Jackson, 2012

Dave’s shows:
Fever Dreams (with Pierre Lloga)
Gav’s Garden (with Pierre Lloga)
Serving up Scrab

P-Yeah Toons

P-Yeah Toons is a one-man animation studio making its first ever, barely animated cartoon for Lost Dog. It is a cartoon about a cat. And not a dog. So yeah…

P-Yeah’s shows:
Fever Dreams (with Dave Jackson)
Gav’s Garden (with Dave Jackson)
Rocket Cat and Friends

Mitch McTaggart

Mitch got a little bit aroused by that final scene in the 1989 horror film Society. YouTube it and be as disgusted with him as his Nanna is.

Mitch’s shows:
Neil Angus is Stuck in a Box
Government Films
Some Ads


Mach/Lap are Australia’s answer to “sorry, who?”. Having started off as an indie-pop duo, Michael Wannenmacher and Fabian Lapham had a massive success with “Fingering You Goodbye” which reached number eight in France (released there as “Je te Pelote, Salut”). 

Mach/Lap’s shows:
Mach/Lap (Fabian Lapham & Michael Wannenmacher)
Just Buy Stuff (Fabian Lapham)
Family Time (Fabian Lapham)

Aunty Donna

Formed in 2011, testicles, testicles, testicles, testicles, testicles. 2012 MICF Golden Gibbo Award Nominees. 2012 Melbourne Fringe People’s Choice Award Winners, “…too much time spent on discussing semen…” – Crikey.

Aunty Donna’s show:
Aunty Donna’s Rumpus Room

Image courtesy of Isabelle Clara Mason.

Jim McDonough

Jim McDonough has created the Digby Thurlow show because he doesn’t have a choice. Jim is a sick man doing the best he can with a decent digital camera and a computer. Don’t blame Jim McDonough for creating Digby Thurlow. Blame the public school system for creating Jim McDonough.

Jim’s show:
The Digby Thurlow Show

The Consumption

The Consumption have performed a blend of live and pre-recorded sketch comedy since about 2007, in whatever time they could find between reforming and splitting up. This includes appearances at the 2009, 2010 and 2011 Melbourne International Comedy Festival and an award-winning run on Melbourne’s SYN FM.

The Consumption’s show:
The Consumption

Dr. Professor Neal Portenza

Dr. Professor Neal Portenza, part man, part idiot, part leper, part mystery, part man who has a go at things. He probably won’t be very good at them and will need to rely on quite heavy-handed editing to provide laughs. This is his attempt at that thing he just said.

Co-everything’d by Sam Rankin & Josh Ladgrove. Featuring Josh Ladgrove as Dr. Professor Neal Portenza, Sam Rankin as The Narrator and Will.I.Am on backing vocals.

Dr. Professor Neal Portenza’s show:
Neal Portenza Has a Go